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  • Tim Kraemer

10 Winter Hacks to Use at Home

If you are a Wisconsinite, then you understand the bitter cold and often miserable days that winter brings upon us. And let’s face it, not all homes are entirely efficient at keeping us warm. We’ve compiling 10 of our favorite winter hacks that’ll help keep you warm and dry without breaking the bank.

Hack #1: Close vents in unused rooms. If you have rooms in your home that sit vacant most of the time, make sure the heating vents are closed off so you aren’t wasting warm air in the unused space. Make sure to monitor these rooms though to ensure they don’t get too cold. The last thing you need is a busted water pipe because the room got too cold!

Hack #2: Boil water. Winter air is dry which leads to dry skin and static. Add some humidity back into your home by boiling a pot of water. Add in some essential oils, orange peels or cinnamon sticks for a cozy smell!

Hack #3: Reverse the ceiling fans and turn them on. Did you know most ceiling fans have the option to spin both clockwise and counterclockwise?! Running a fan clockwise during the winter months helps push down the warm air that is hanging out up high.

Hack #4: Sweep light snow instead of shoveling. Sweeping up light amounts of snow will take less time and energy than trying to shovel it up.

Hack #5: Coat your shovel with non-stick cooking spray. Coating the shovel will help keep snow from sticking to the shovel. So spray up, especially when the snow is heavy and sticky!

Hack #6: Use WD-40 to avoid frozen pipes. Spraying the areas of pipes that are outdoors or in the basement can help keep pipes from freezing up.

Hack #7: Use a vinegar and water mixture to quickly de-ice areas outdoors-like windshields!

Hack #8: Open up the curtains! It’s tempting to keep the curtains closed on dark, dreary winter days, but make it a habit to open up during the day. This will allow sunlight to help warm your home.

Hack #9: Start the fire with orange peels. Orange peels are an efficient fire starter, and they smell good too!

Hack #10: Use bubble wrap to insulate windows. It might not be the most eye appealing way to insulate a drafty window, but it’s cheap and efficient!

These are some simple hacks to keep your home warm and efficient this winter!

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