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5 Electrical and Lighting Concepts to Consider When Building

5 Electrical and Lighting Concepts to Consider When Building

1. Over-lighting the interior of your home.

Yes, there is such as a thing as too much light! We suggest you look at each room and the function of that room. What will you be doing in the room and how do you plan to arrange your furniture? Having an idea of the function of a room can help you assess your lighting needs to avoid over lighting throughout your home.

2. Mix lighting styles.

There are plenty of different types and styles of lighting available. Mixing up the styles throughout your home gives you the ability to “set the mood.” Want a bright kitchen for cooking but a dimmer setting for family dinners? Having multiple types of lighting throughout your kitchen can help you achieve both of these lighting scenarios.

3. Automating lighting.

Adding in some automated lighting can be a small detail that makes a difference. Adding automatic lights to the pantry or garage can be a nice add on as you won’t need to stumble your way through the dark. We encourage exterior lighting with timer settings as this can be a way to keep your house lit at night, show off exterior architecture and conserve energy.

4. Power point and switch placement matters.

Once again here is a good time to think through the function of each room. This will help you determine where you’ll want your power points (outlets) and light switches. Some people want to hide power points, but that may not always be practical. For example, in a bathroom you can place power points inside the face cabinets, but if you want to use this for say hair tools, you’ll have to keep the cabinet open while you do your hair. You also want to avoid placing switches where you plan to have furniture.

5. Walk through your decisions if you can.

If possible, take the time to walk through your house once the framing is done. This way you can envision each room and see exactly where light switches, power points and lights will be positioned. This way you can trouble shoot and overcome issues early.

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