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  • Tim Kraemer

An Active Space

As we hit mid-February here in Wisconsin there seems to be one thing on everyone’s mind: SPRING! We’ve officially reached that phase of “I’m so sick of winter and below zero temps, why do I live here?!” One thing that helps get us crazy Wisconsinites through winter is staying active. There are plenty of outdoor activities like snowshoeing, skiing, ice fishing, etc. But when the temperature is continuously below zero, we must find ways to stay active indoors.

Do you have a dedicated space in your home for active past-times? Creating a dedicated “active” space in your home, no matter how small, can help break up those winter blues.

By “active” space we mean a space where you can have a dance party with the kids, run on the treadmill, lift weights, practice yoga, etc. A space where you can clear your head and get active. This could be a family space or your own individual sanctuary. Below are a few tips to help you build an “active” space within your home.

· Figure out where this active space will be in your home. It could be the living room, family room, office, spare room, attic, unfinished basement, unused garage space, etc. The possibilities are endless! If you feel like you don’t have any “extra” space, think outside the box. Could you move the coffee table and recliner in the living room to create a temporary open space? The space doesn’t have to be permanent.

· Decide what type of activities you will be partaking in. Will you run on a treadmill? Lift weights? Practice yoga? Have a dance party with your kiddos? Play dodgeball or kickball as a family? This will help determine the amount of space and type of space you will need. Keep in mind that a lot of exercise equipment is heavy, so you have to think of how you will get the items in to place.

· Create the atmosphere you desire. A few simple steps can make a room feel entirely different. If you’re looking for a calm space consider adding items like a salt lamp, essential oil diffuser, candle, etc. Looking for a more upbeat active space? Add motivational artwork to the wall, hang a mirror you can use to check your form (and take post workout selfies), or add a speaker so you can play some pump up jams.

· Use the space. If you go through the effort of creating an active space within your home, why not use it?!

Having a designated active space in your home can be a getaway from the cold, dark Wisconsin winter days. Until spring, we hope you stay warm and active indoors or out!

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