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  • Tim Kraemer

Common Exterior Painting Mistakes

Painting is often a task that homeowners take on themselves. It’s a common DIY project. But one thing that comes along with DIY projects are mistakes. Below you will find some of the most common mistakes people make during exterior painting projects.

Mistake #1: Not prepping the surface.

If not properly prepped, your paint job could end up uneven, cracked and peeling in no time. So what exactly should you prep? To start, prepare any weathered surfaces by washing then sanding down old paint and rough edges. Secondly, you’ll want to make sure you have sealed any cracks, especially around windows and doors. These cracks can be moisture sources that will mess up your paint. Once sanded and sealed, make sure to use a primer before jumping into painting.

Mistake #2: Not using the correct type of paint.

It is important that you use exterior paint for an exterior job. Though exterior paint is more expensive, it is worth the price. Exterior paints contain additives that will help prevent fading, stop mildew growth and resist staining. They are made to withstand rain and freezing temperatures unlike interior paints.

Mistake #3: Application errors.

Applying paint in the wrong weather matters. It is important to be aware of the weather when you paint. Painting in too cold or too hot of weather can impair the durability of the paint. Humidity also affects the paints ability to dry properly. It is not recommended to paint within 24 hours of rain. An ideal painting day is dry with medium heat. Another common application error is not using the proper spread rate. Spread rate is the distance you should spread a paint for proper coverage. Spreading a paint too thin can lead to cracking, peeling and mildew build up.

There are three of the most common exterior painting mistakes people make. If you are going to tackle and exterior painting project on your own, make sure you take all the proper steps to get the job done right. This way you won’t have to re-do the paint job for a long time!

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