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  • Tim Kraemer

Common Myths About Finishing a Basement

Do you have an unfinished basement that you are thinking about turning into a finished living space? Did you know there are some common myths about finishing a basement? Read on to find out the most common myths out there about finishing a basement.

Myth #1: There is no value in a finished basement.

A finished basement definitely adds value to your home. It is estimated that a return on a finished basement is about 70%. So if you spent $10,000 finishing a basement you’d likely increase your homes resale value by about $7,000.

Myth #2: A work permit is not required.

Even though you will be doing work within your own home, most places will require a permit for work being done on a basement. Whether you are hiring someone or are doing the work yourself it is important to do your research and find out whether or not a permit is required.

Myth #3: There is a flood risk.

People seem to think that flooding is a major issue in basements and that keeps them from wanting to finish it. But in reality when finishing a basement you can have it waterproofed and eliminate the issue (if there is one!).

Myth #4: There is not enough light.

Often times people feel a basement will be too dark or feel uninviting. But with the use of natural and artificial light as well as proper color schemes a basement can be a very vibrant and inviting space.

Myth #5: It is too expensive.

Working with an established builder, you can create a finished basement within your style and budget.

Finishing a basement can be a great addition to a home. Do your research and don’t let myths like these keep you from your dream home!

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