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Different Types of Cooling Systems

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

We are entering into what are usually the hottest months in Wisconsin. As Wisconsinites, our heat tolerance is generally lacking. Let’s be honest- we are tough as heck when it’s 40 below but as soon as the temps reach 80 or higher we are a sweaty mess. At least the majority of us are! As it’s rare to see temps reach triple digits, air conditioning in Wisconsin is not an absolute must-have. With cool summer nights, it’s feasible to keep a home closed up during the day and then air it out at night. But for those of you who can’t stand the heat, we’ll discuss different types of air conditioners to help you find one that suits your needs.

To start, if you just can’t get yourself to bite the bullet and get an AC unit since you will rarely use it, here are some tips to keep a non-air conditioned home cool.

· Keep window blinds closed. Around 30% of unwanted heat comes from windows, so close up the blinds like you’re hiding from mother nature. Make it a habit to close the blinds each morning and open them in the evening when the temperatures start to drop.

· Be aware of opening doors. If you have unused rooms, keep them closed off. Take note of how many times you open and shut doors going outside. Let the whole family know it’s a quick process in the summer- in or out. No standing around with the door wide open trying to decide what activity to do next!

· Notice your bedding. Are you still using your cozy flannel sheets from winter?! Swap those babies out for some cotton sheets for a more comfortable sleeping temperature.

· Check your ceiling fans-most fans can be set to spin either clockwise or counter-clockwise. Choose counter-clockwise for the summer months as it moves the cooler air up creating a more welcoming breeze.

· Dress accordingly. Wear temperature appropriate clothing around the house, avoid eating hot soups and drinking hot beverages. Have plenty of cool beverages and treats on hand. Avoid hot bathes. Be smart about your bodies temperature.

· Grill more. Avoid using the oven and even stovetop as much as you can on the really hot days. Choose to grill or make cold dishes that don’t involve a lot of heating.

· Open up. When the nighttime temperatures roll in, open up your house, turn on the fans and let that natural nighttime air cooldown your home.

If you are sick of the sweating and ready for an AC unit, then here we go.

· Central Air- The biggest and baddest. Designed to cool the entire home (and heat in the winter). Cannot be controlled for each room. Involves in home ductwork and is the most expensive to install.

· Room Air Conditioners- Mounted in a window or wall, these are designed to cool one room. May take multiple units to cool the entire home. Less expensive and removable during the winter months.

· Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners- A unique style. These units have an indoor air intake as well as an outdoor component like the central air units. The difference here is each room will have a mounted air intake-eliminating the need for ductwork, but adding a mount in each room to the wall or ceiling. Can be controlled room by room.

These are our top three air conditioning choices for homes in Wisconsin. May your summer days be bright and cool.

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