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Dwellings Madison WI

Dwellings Madison WI

Dwelling: a house or other place of residence. A word not all that popular when talking real estate although it describes just what real estate is all about. Where you live is your dwelling, a place to make your own, show your style and build dreams. What style is your dwelling?

Let’s explore the different styles of dwellings (or homes) that are popular today.

Tradition Style: New build traditional style homes can vary in design, but the main features include columns, covered entries, symmetrically spaced windows and two-stories. Interior design can vary.

Prairie Style: Prairie style homes feature strong horizontal lines. They appear as though they are growing out of the ground, and feature a low-pitched overhanging roof. The entrance is typically secluded. The interior floor plan is typically wide-open.

Craftsman Style: Craftsman style homes use simple plans and natural materials like wood and stone. Interior floor plans often feature a breakfast or reading nook. The plan flows from the kitchen to the family and dining rooms.

Contemporary Style: Contemporary style homes feature simple, clean lines and large windows. They typically feature flat roof and asymmetrical shapes. Interior floor plans feature an open design.

Bungalow Style: Bungalow style homes are similar to Craftsman style, although they are smaller one-story homes. A bungalow will feature either a front or rear porch. Interior design varies.

Along with these popular home designs/styles come some popular interior features as well. Some of the latest interior design trends include:

· Multiple types of molding. Throughout the home there are changes in colors/styles of molding. From black, to white to slate. Sounds mismatched, but when done right it really flows and adds an element of design.

· Wallpaper. Yep, that’s right, wallpaper is back on trend. From floral designs to subtle geometric shapes. It can be a great way to add design. However, it’s a trendy style, so be prepared that it will likely be out of style in a few years.

· Metal stair railings. Sleek metal designs are trending for stair railings, especially in the color black.

· A finished basement. But not just walls and storage. Basements are now spaces for family rooms, media rooms, bars, and guest spaces.

These are some of the latest trends in both exterior and interior design.

Dwellings in Madison WI. Style and size can vary drastically depending on location. What style dwelling suits you?

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