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Get the Garage in Gear

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

The leaves have changed and fallen, the air is brisk and the days are getting shorter.  All signs point to winter ahead.  As much as we may not want to think about cold and snow yet we ought to do so.  One part of the house we often neglect is the garage.  Let’s be honest, it typically ends up being the catch all for things we just aren’t sure what to do with.  It’s time we face the garage head on and get it in gear for the upcoming winter season.  Get it done before the temps drop too much and you can’t stand to be out there in the cold!

Let’s talk winter gear.  Do you have a shovel, snow blower or plow?  Are they currently accessible?  Trade out your gardening gear for the snow utilities.  Do you have a designated space in your garage for your snow removal items?  We suggest choosing a certain wall, cabinet, corner, etc. and designating it to snow removal tools.  That way when mother nature strikes you can easily access the tools you need and you won’t have to spend extra time in the cold garage looking for your shovel! Don’t forget to stock up on ice remover as well.  Nothings worse than having an ice skating rink for a driveway and no tools to take care of it!

Before the snow falls take care of all the garbage that has accumulated over the summer.  Do your research and make sure you are safely disposing of chemicals, electronics, etc.  Find a local dump or recycling center and get that junk out of the way!  We have a bad habit of accumulating cardboard boxes!  What tends to accumulate in your garage?  Let’s address it now before winter is here!

Time to talk about liquids.  We all know what happens when you let soda or beer freeze… explosive sticky disasters!  Do you have extra soda, beer, water, etc. sitting around in the garage?  Find an indoor space for these items so they don’t freeze up on you!  Unless you have a heated garage or well insulated one where you know your beer will stay cold, but not frozen…then we look up to you and your well designed garage space ;)

Find your recreational snow gear like skis, snowshoes, snowboards, sleds, etc.  Might as well make it easier for you to have some fun in the snow!  You don’t want to spend half of your Saturday just trying to find your skis! Get them ready so you can hit the slopes whenever you feel!  Another item to consider is holiday décor.  Do you store holiday décor in the garage?  Is it accessible?  Might as well get it in a place you’ll easily be able to access when it’s time to decorate.  We hate having to dig out the decorations when it’s below zero!

If you find items that are still nice but you and your family are no longer using them consider donating them.  Get it out of your way and into the hands of someone who can use the item!

Dispose of garbage, find your winter supplies, donate items and get the garage in gear!

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