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Home Holiday Décor

The holidays are often a crazy hectic whirlwind. But how nice is it to have a neatly decorated home during the holiday season?! It’s that time of year where homes are filled with holiday spirit and cheer. Are you looking for some ways to keep your home holiday décor neat and simple? Or just looking for different ideas? Check out the ideas we’ve compiled below!

To start, let’s talk warm and cozy. The fireplace is often a center focal piece during the holiday season. From garland to stockings, mantles are decorated and fires keep us cozy as we gather around. Don’t go overboard with the decorations around the fireplace. Let the fire be a main focus of beautiful and warmth! But what if you don’t have a fireplace? Have you ever thought of making a faux fireplace?! You can use canvas and draw/paint a fireplace, place the canvas fireplace on the wall and hang your stockings above it! Or hang some string lights on a shelf along with your stockings to create a bright and warm feel.

You don’t have to have that grand 8-foot tree to get that holiday feel. A tree of any size will do really. The key to a cozy, cheerful tree are the decorations you place on the tree. If you’re looking for a tree upgrade, consider ditching the tacky, mismatching ornaments you’ve acquired over the years. Decide on a color scheme and buy a set of matching ornaments. This creates a look of sophistication. We love schemes of gold, silver, blue and white or a woodsy look. Get string lights to match and all the sudden you’ve got a beautiful tree that really glows!

Make your home feel bright and cozy with the use of lights! String lights are versatile and can make any dull area really pop. String the lights on top of your kitchen cupboards, in window sills or above your headboard. The addition of these festive feeling lights could be all you need!

The main focus of holiday décor is usually the tree along with the fireplace/stockings. To get the full-on holiday feels throughout your home and tie everything together it’s about the little details. Add a snowman soap dispenser in the bathroom. Use holiday patterned hand towels in the kitchen. Add some cozy, holiday inspired throw pillows in the family room. The possibilities are endless!

Decorating for the holidays can be overwhelming! Take it one room at a time and turn your home into a cozy, festive place! And don’t forget to take caution when using lights, breakables around children and pets. May your holiday season be warm and bright!

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