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  • Tim Kraemer

Keeping Your Home Well Lit in the Winter

Do you feel like your home is a dark dungeon in the winter? Let’s talk about how to lighten things up.

Ever go to purchase light bulbs only to find yourself very overwhelmed with all the choices you have to make? Soft white, day light, LED, watts….the mind gets overwhelmed. We’ll give you a guide to buying the right light bulbs for you!

To start, there are 3 main types of bulbs available today: Incandescent (regular old lightbulb), compact fluorescent lights (CFL), and light emitting diode (LED).

Also, keep in mind where you are putting the light bulb. Indoors or outdoors? In an enclosed fixture or open lamp? Make sure you read the packaging or ask a store employee for assistance.

Ok, you’ve narrowed down the type of bulb. Now how to pick the color of the bulb?! Color has a big impact on mood, so be aware when choosing!

Consider the room you are putting the light in and what types of activities you do in that room. Will you be cooking, cleaning, reading, relaxing, etc. How do you want to feel while you do these activities? Do you want a light that can dim to different settings?

Many people are used to the light omitted from traditional incandescent lights which is a warm yellowy glow. Incandescent lights give off 2,700K and to put that into perspective the midday sun gives off 5,000k, sunrise and sunset lighting is around 2,500k and candles give off about 1,500k. So the traditional bulbs are only giving us about half the light that the sun does! CFL and LED lights come in cool whites which range around 4,000k and full spectrum light bulbs give off 5,000k mimicking natural light the best.

Now that you’ve you had a crash course in light bulb purchasing, here’s a few other lighting tips to keep your home bright this winter season. Consider adding a lamp to a room that doesn’t have sufficient overhead lighting. One lamp in the corner of the room can make a big difference. Consider adding a mood enhancing light source such as a Himalayan salt lamp. Known to improve mood and health, why not give it a try during cold and flu season! Lastly, open up your curtains and blinds! It can make a big difference to let in what little day light we do see.

Take your time, make the right lighting decisions for your home and stay bright this winter!

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