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  • Tim Kraemer

Living and Sleeping Spring Cleaning

The spring melt seems to have officially begun in Wisconsin. Raise your hands and thank the sun! In last week’s blog we dove into spring cleaning starting with the kitchen. Now that we’ve tackled the kitchen, which is often one of the most used spaces in a home, let’s move on to the living and sleeping spaces within your home.

Living Spaces and sleeping spaces. We consider living spaces to be rooms such as a family room, living room, office, toy room, etc. Spaces where you do your “living” within your home. As for sleeping spaces, well most of us would consider this the bedroom! And though all of these rooms can be set-up very differently and hold different items, the general idea of spring cleaning remains the same throughout these spaces.

Below is a list of items we like to include in our spring cleaning of living and sleeping spaces.

· Windows-clean the glass inside and out, dust the screen, take down coverings and wash them

· Walls-take off any hangings and dust them, dust the walls themselves

· Ceiling Fans-dust, remove light covers and wipe out, replace any burnt out bulbs

· Floors-sweep, mop, vacuum, wash area rugs and/or clean carpeting, make sure to wipe down baseboards

· Furniture-clean your furniture according to the items materials/directions, clean under and behind furniture as well

· Closets/Storage Bins-take items out, sort and organize, sweep/wipe out before placing items back in

· Blankets and pillows-wash any throw blankets/pillows

This is a very generalized spring cleaning list just to get your gears turning! Keep in mind that while you are spring cleaning this is a great time to rearrange rooms as well.

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