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  • Tim Kraemer

Plan Ahead for the Holidays in Your Home

When planning to build a home, you likely aren’t thinking about the holidays. But, if you truly want to build the home of your dreams, we recommend you think about the holidays in your home when you are in the planning stages!

Why should you think about the holidays in your home ahead of time? Because this way you can plan to build in some items that will make the holiday time easier in your new home!

First up, plan outlet placement with the holidays in mind.

Do you plan to host big holiday gatherings with lots of food? Consider placing outlets in the kitchen with easy access for items such as crockpots and even phone chargers-consider places like in the island or pantry.

Do you plan to put up a tree with lights? Will there be easy access to an outlet in your living room or family room to do so?

Consider exterior outlets as well! Did you know you can have outlets put right in your soffit for easy access when it comes time to string those outdoor holiday lights?!

Second, consider storage space.

Where will you keep your holiday décor? We recommend building in basement storage, garage storage, attic storage or below deck storage right away.

So if you are planning to build in the near future, we recommend keeping the holidays in mind in your new home!

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