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  • Tim Kraemer

Trends in Exterior Décor

This week we are highlighting some of the most popular trends in exterior design.

Trend #1: Dark colors. Darker home exterior colors are showing up more and more this year. We’re seeing shades such as deep sea blues and greens, black, dark browns and dark reds.

Dark Green Exterior

Trend #2: Shades of grey. Grey has been a trending home exterior color for a while now and it is proving to still hold strong this year. Though we are seeing a shift in shades of grey from lighter to darker shades of grey.

Shades of grey.

Trend #3: Black accents. Black trim is becoming a popular exterior accent on homes. We are loving the look of dark trimmed windows and doors.

Black trim accent. Our current favorite exterior trend!

Trend #4: Floor to ceiling glass. Windows tend to be getting bigger and bigger. We are seeing more and more exterior designs which include large floor to ceiling window layouts. Personally we aren’t sure about this look, plus we’d like a little more privacy than a floor to ceiling window provides!

Floor to ceiling windows.

Trend #5: Outdoor living spaces. More and more we are seeing people investing in their outdoor spaces to make them a living space. This trend includes things like outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, porches with built in seating, outdoor pools and/or hot tub lounges.

Outdoor living spaces.

These are the popular trends in exterior design we are seeing right now. Are there any exterior design trends you are really loving? Any you really don’t care for?! For the most part we are loving the current exterior trends.

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