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  • Tim Kraemer

Trends in Interior Décor

This week we are highlighting some of the most popular trends in interior design.

Trend #1: Natural Elements. There is a shift being seen in interior design going from techy to natural. Use of concrete, copper, granite, stone and wood helps to bring a feeling of organic ambiance into any room.

Natural Elements of wood giving an organic ambiance.

Trend #2: Richer Colors. Say goodbye to muted color palettes. Dramatic color schemes are becoming popular once again. The trend here is a bold, rich color on the wall accented with a room of muted colored furnishing and decorations. The most popular colors being reds, pinks, yellows and greens.

Rich blue walls paired with muted furniture and decor.

Trend #3: Wallpaper. Yep that’s right, wallpaper is making a comeback. The most popular patterns of wallpaper are currently floral patterns and geometric patterns. Wallpapers are most commonly being used as an accent wall although fully papered rooms are starting to pop up in the design world again.

Geometric wallpaper giving this bathroom a nice "pop."

Trend #4: Vintage Lighting. Pendant and sconce lighting is making a big comeback. Specifically, those with brass and copper finishes.

Vintage lighting. Need we say more?

Trend #5: Millennial Pink. Also known as blush pink. A very popular muted color seen in a lot of furniture and décor items such as throw pillows and rugs.

"Millennial Pink" or Blush Pink Furniture.

These are the popular trends in interior design we are seeing right now. Are there any interior design trends you are really loving? Any you really don’t care for?! We are loving natural elements and vintage lighting!

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