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Wisconsin Vacation Homes

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Wisconsin Vacation Homes.  Some may not desire to own a vacation home in Wisconsin, but for those who do, this blogs for you!  We’ll talk vacation home basics and what you need to consider when choosing a vacation home.  It is estimated that in Wisconsin 7% of homes are used for recreational or occasional purposes.  Are you part of that 7%?  Would you like to be?  Read on to help you decide if a Wisconsin vacation home is right for you.

First, you need to address the purpose of the vacation home.  Do you want a quiet, calm getaway?  A place you can take friends to party?  A family-friendly escape from the city?  Or a cityscape scene to spend your weekends at?  Location should be at the top of your list when considering a vacation home.  Because location leads to all the other details.

Once you’ve decided on a general purpose and location you can start to consider how much land you want to go along with your vacation home.  Depending upon location, the price of land is going to vary.  Wisconsin has a variety of landscapes to offer: fields, lakefront, wooded country, rivers, valley’s and cityscapes of your choosing.  Do you want to golf, fish, hunt, ski, or spend your weekend browsing the city streets?  All things to consider when choosing land!

So you know where you want to vacation and what type of land you’ll be occupying, now consider what size home you’ll want.  Will it be a quiet escape for just you and your significant other?  Or a place where family and friends will gather in large groups?  There are many factors which will go into choosing the size such as number of people occupying the place, room for tools/toys/equipment.  The list goes on and on!

An obvious consideration is do you have the money for a vacation home?  Can you afford to purchase or build?  Will you need to take out a loan?  A vacation home is a big investment.  You will not only need to purchase the home, but also the items to go in it, unless you buy an already furnished place.  Will you need to do any updates to the home?  Factor in purchase cost, furnishing cost, and repair costs and you’re already seeing dollar signs!  You’ll likely have electric, water and garbage expenses.  Can you live without cable and internet or will you need a vacation home that allows you to stay connected?  And taxes, don’t forget about taxes!

Lastly, consider time.  Will you have the time to use your vacation home and make it worth the investment?  Or are you considering renting out your vacation home when you aren’t around?  Who will keep up the cleaning, landscaping and maintenance?  A Wisconsin vacation home can be a wonderful investment, if thought out and planned accordingly.

May this blog not deter you from your vacation home dreams, but rather help you make a sound and rational decision.  Use your resources and find a place that will fit your family and your budget!

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