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5 Things to Do at Home Before the New Year

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

5 Things to at Home Before the New Year

Before we know it 2019 will come to an end and we’ll be into the new year. Often the new year is a symbol of a fresh start. So why not take a little time now to clean up some odds and ends so you can start the new year with a clean to-do list around your home. To help you stay on track, below are 5 things you should do at home before the new year.

1. Deep Clean Your Home.

Many people wait until spring to do a deep cleaning, but now is a great time to give your home some TLC.

2. Concentrate of Unfinished Projects.

You know those little projects around the house that got put to the wayside over the year. Revisit them and finish them so you can feel accomplished and go into the new year with peace of mind.

3. Make Donations.

Seeing that you’re likely adding some new items to your home thanks to holiday gifts, now is a great time to donate items you have not used over the past year.

4. Plan some meals using what is already in your fridge, freezer and pantry.

Challenge yourself to build meals with that you have at home instead of going out for new groceries. This way you’ll clean out what you have stocked up just in time to start fresh in 2020.

5. Go through those piles of mail/papers/receipts.

Whether you’ve just been slacking on sorting mail or keeping up with files away papers or receipts, get these important items sorted and organized now. You’ll thank yourself in the new year when you’re already organized to file taxes!

End the year with a little extra work so you can go into the new year feeling organized!

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