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  • Tim Kraemer

5 Things to Do When Selling a House

Selling a house may seem like a fairly easy task. Find an agent, list the house and sell it, right?! It is important to take the selling process seriously. There are a few tasks that could be very helpful you should consider taking care of before you list your home for sale.

Task #1: Check your curb appeal. Judging a home by its curb appeal is bound to happen by potential buyers. Make sure you have an inviting curb appeal that will catch the attention of potential buyers. This could mean a few new plants, a fresh coat of paint on the front door or just some yard clean-up.

Task #2: Declutter. It’s hard to envision moving into a space that is cluttered. Clean up rooms as well as closets and cupboards. Serious potential buyers will be checking out all of the spaces throughout the home, so don’t cut corners and just shove clutter into a closet! If you need, consider renting some storage space to hold your excess clutter during the selling process. Or better yet, take the time to sort and donate items you no longer use!

Task #3: Depersonalize. It’s also hard to envision living in a space that is filled with someone else’s beloved items. Take down family photos, children’s art work, etc. Anything that is particularly special to you may not be appealing to a potential buyer. Envision your home as a neutral space rather than your personal space.

Task #4: Repaint walls. Bright, bold colors might be your style, but they can often turn off potential buyers. Having neutral tones throughout your home will provide a better space for potential buyers to envision their style in your home.

Task #5: Fix loose handles and missing pieces. It may not seem like a big deal, but a loose handle or missing lightbulb can leave a negative impression. If a potential buyer finds a loose handle or missing screw they may begin to wonder what else needs repairing throughout the home. Take the time to make sure the small details are in place.

Selling a home can be a smooth and easy process if you take the time to prep your home before it hits the market. Use the above tasks before selling your home to help draw in potential buyers!

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