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5 Upgrades to Include in Your New Build Home

Building a new home can be an exciting time. But the process can also be overwhelming because new build projects come with a lot of decision making. You’ll likely be determining what goes into your home, including upgrades and added features. Some upgrades can be added down the road, but there are five upgrades that we feel are worth adding to your new build home right away.

Upgrade #1: Dig a Deeper Basement

Adding an extra foot to your basement depth can make a big difference. That extra foot can take a basement from feeling cramped to feeling open and livable. This will be one of the more expensive upgrades, but well worth it. Whether you are planning to finish the basement right away or plan to finish it in years to come you likely won’t regret giving your basement a little extra room.

Upgrade #2: Add a Tornado Shelter

While you’re upgrading your basement, adding on a tornado shelter or safe room is a great idea. It will be simple to add on now during the building process and will give you peace of mind for the years to come in your new home.

Upgrade #3: Roughed-in Plumbing

One more upgrade for the basement is to include roughed-in plumbing. If you are not planning to finish your basement right away, we highly recommend you include roughed-in plumbing. This means the builder will add the necessary piping to include a bathroom in your basement when you decide to finish it. And if you never get around to finishing the basement and have to sell your home, roughed-in basement plumbing is a selling point.

Upgrade #4: Outdoor Outlets

A little detail that will go a long way! It is easy to add outdoor outlets right away. Whether you’ll be hanging holiday lights or charging your phone while you relax on the deck, outdoor outlets are super convenient and a detail that can be missed during the building process. Though they can be added later, it is more cost effective to add the outlets during the initial building process.

Upgrade #5: Energy Savers

Adding in energy saving windows, appliances and heating/cooling systems are worth the extra upfront costs. The more efficient you make your home, the more you’ll end up saving in the months ahead on utility costs. If you build with energy saving upgrades your home will naturally do more work for you, like staying cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

There are many decisions when building a new home. It can be overwhelming to know when to spend more and when to save. If you work with a reliable builder, they will keep your best interests in mind and help guide you through the building process. If you are looking for a builder, consider us here at Kraemer Homes!

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