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About Us!

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

This week we’d like to take the blog a different direction and tell you a little bit more about the company and the faces behind it!  Everyday Property Solutions, LLC was founded in 2015 by Tim Kraemer and Ashley Johnson.  A couple with a passion in real estate who decided to make their dreams become reality.  Here’s more about each of them.

Tim was born and raised in Plain, WI.  After high school he attended University of Wisconsin-Stout and completed a Bachelor’s of Science in Construction Management.  Tim has always had a passion for construction and real estate.  He enjoys music, food/wine, being outdoors, hiking and traveling.  He is a fun-loving guy whose company is enjoyed by all!

Ashley was born and raised in Phillips, WI.  After high school she attended University of Wisconsin-Stout and completed a Bachelor’s of Science in Dietetics.  Although she completed a degree in dietetics, Ashley has always had a passion for interior design.  She enjoys the outdoors, being creative, art (drawing/coloring/painting), traveling and loves animals.  She is a creative, strong-willed woman who will surely put a smile on your face.

Fun facts:

~Ashley has hit TWO bears with her car~

~Tim spent 4 nights in the Grand Canyon hiking~

The two met at University of Wisconsin-Stout and after graduating moved to Sauk City, WI where they now reside.  As a couple they realized their passion for real estate and desire to follow their dreams.  They each love the thrill of buying, flipping, selling, building and designing real estate.  And they each want to make an impact in the work they do.  So in 2015 they set their sights on real estate investing and started Everyday Property Solutions, LLC.  They strive to impact their community through real estate, serving the Dane and Sauk County areas.  Their goal of making an impact is evident in their company mission which states:

Our Mission

Everyday Property Solutions is a real estate redevelopment company dedicated to helping others in distressed situations while working to rejuvenate our community. We view ourselves as partners with our community, customers, and investors. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is dedicated to honesty, compassion, continued education, and possess an everlasting passion for real estate.

The two look forward to growing their business along with their community.

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