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Architectural Styles: Cape Cod vs English Cottage

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Architectural Styles Week 3: Cape Cod versus English Cottage

For the month of January our Wednesday blogs will feature two different home architectural styles.  We will compare the two and then we’ll let you choose which one you’d rather use!

A look at Cape Cod Architecture:

Cape Cod architecture typically features simple symmetric designs with moderately steep pitched roofs with gables and a large chimney.  They typically feature cedar shingles or clapboard with symmetrically hung windows and shutters.  The floorplan in these homes are usually focused around a formal center-hall.

The interior of a Cape Cod home is typically cozy and intimate, with the master suite on the ground floor and additional bedrooms upstairs.

An example of Cape Cod Architecture

A look at English Cottage Architecture:

English Cottage architecture typically features asymmetrical exterior features with oversized chimneys and decorative brick or stone.  Entryways are often enclosed with a decorative arched door.  Siding is typically lapped, stucco, stone or shingled.

The interior of an English Cottage home is typically cozy with irregularly-shaped rooms.

An example of English Cottage Architecture

Both of these architectural styles are unique and specific.  Would you choose either of these?

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