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Architectural Styles: Modern vs Greek

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Architectural Styles Week 1: Modern versus Greek

For the month of January our Wednesday blogs will feature two different home architectural styles.  We will compare the two and then we’ll let you choose which one you’d rather use!

A look at Modern Architecture:

Modern architecture typically features boxy, geometric shapes with a flat roof.  Common materials used are glass, steel and concrete. They typically feature a dramatic curbside appearance.  Modern homes often use floor-to-ceiling windows along with unusual exterior features giving that dramatic curbside appearance.

The interior of a modern home typically uses an open concept floor plan with solid, white walls.  Inside you will find a focus on function versus design with clean, geometric lines.

An example of Modern Architecture

A look at Greek Architecture:

Greek architecture typically features thick, white columns in the front entrance and a wraparound front porch with a low-pitched gable roof.  Common building materials include stucco, wood and sometimes stone.  They typically feature cornice lines embellished with a band of trim on the exterior.  Greek homes often use tall windows, placed symmetrically along the home.

The interior of a Greek home typically uses a layout with grand, formal rooms and multiple exits.

An example of Greek Architecture

Both of these architectural styles are unique and specific.  Would you choose either of these?

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