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Architectural Styles: Ranch versus Craftsman

Architectural Styles Week 4: Ranch vs Craftsman

For the month of January our Wednesday blogs will feature two different home architectural styles. We will compare the two and then we’ll let you choose which one you’d rather use!

A look at Ranch Architecture:

Ranch architecture typically includes long, low rooflines and simple, open layouts. They are typically single-story homes, however there is a raised ranch which is technically a two-story option with the second story being a finished basement. They are usually rectangular, L or U-shaped.

The interior of a ranch home typically includes a simple, open floor-plan. Rooms are typically divided between living and sleeping spaces.

An example of Ranch architecture.

A look at Craftsman Architecture:

Craftsman architecture typically includes low-pitches roofs and wide front porches with columns. Materials used often include stone and woodwork. They often have unique color combinations on the exterior.

The interior of a Craftsman home typically includes built-in furniture, cabinetry and nooks. There are often large fireplaces and exposed rafters/beams. The floor-plan is usually compact yet open.

An example of Craftsman architecture.

Both of these architectural styles are unique and specific. Would you choose either of these?

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