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Back to School Home Ideas

Whether you want to think about it for not, back to school is just around the corner! You’re probably thinking about what supplies and clothing you need to purchase for your kids or yourself if you’re a student! But have you put any thought into getting your home ready for back to school?! Well don’t worry if you haven’t, we’ve compiled a list of things worth considering before the school year begins.

  • Clean out closets. Go through each child’s closet or your own. Get rid of the items that are worn out or too small. Make a pile to donate and a pile to toss. Clear the closet of clutter. While cleaning out the closet, make a list of clothing items that will need to be purchased for the school year.

  • Consider window coverings. The transition back into a school routine can be tough. One thing that can help make the transition easier are proper window coverings. Have window coverings that will darken the room and make it a calming, peaceful place. Establishing a bedtime routine while it’s still light outside can be difficult and cutting out that light can be a big help.

  • Make a homework space. It’s difficult to concentrate if doing homework at a messy kitchen table or on the couch. Find a space in your home that can be dedicated to homework/studying. The age of the student will determine the specific needs of the space. For younger children, make it a simple space that has limited distractions. For older children, allow them to help create the space to fit their style. Add motivational wall art and décor. Make sure the space is well lit and has comfortable seating/table arrangement, whether that be a desk, table or other surface. Avoid doing homework in bed, as this can confuse the brain. Doing tasks other than sleeping in bed can train your brain to think that being in bed means being awake. Keep time in bed for quiet relaxation and sleeping.

  • Make an organization space. This space can tie into the homework space, or it can be an entirely different space. The organization space is all about well organization. Make this an area where everyone knows their schedule. Have a family calendar and keep it up to date with activities, due dates, and plans. Have a place where important papers can go, whether it’s in a basket, shelf or clipped to the wall.

  • Establish a backpack area. This space again can be tied into the homework and organization spaces or it can be separate. Maybe you want backpacks to stay hanging in the mudroom. Maybe you want backpacks by the homework station. Wherever you feel a backpack space makes the most sense just make sure you establish one. This will help with the craziness of the morning. If it’s habit to keep the backpack in the same place, then that’s one less thing to hunt down before the bus comes!

The school year can be a crazy, busy time of year. These are a few things you can do in your home to make daily life go a little smoother. May you all have a happy and healthy school year! Now go get your home ready to roll.

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