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  • Tim Kraemer

Benefits of Building a Zero-Entry Home

Have you considered building a zero-entry home? Zero-entry (also known as zero-step entry) homes are constructed without the use of steps. Instead of steps these homes are constructed with gentle slopes and minimal thresholds. This design means easy entry, reduced risk of injury and convenient access. Check out three benefits of owning a zero-entry home below.


Stairs can be an inconvenience-they’re an obstacle in your home and if you can get by without them, why build them? Zero-entry design allows you to walk freely in and out of your home. This makes tasks such as brining in groceries, carrying laundry or having friends over a little easier. Plus, your mobility will not be impacted by a zero-entry design.

Reduced Risk of Injury

Stairs are a tripping hazard no matter your age. And the older you get the riskier stairs become. In Wisconsin, exterior stairs become a serious hazard in the winter with ice and snow. Whether you slip, trip or fall you’re likely to get injured. You can eliminate these hazards with a zero-entry home.


A major benefit of building a zero-entry home is that you can share it with all the people you love. A zero-entry home can provide easy access for all whether it’s an older loved one using a walker, a child in a wheelchair or anyone in-between.

Would you consider building a zero-entry home?

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