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Builders in Sauk County

Builders in Sauk County

Kraemer Homes, LLC is a residential development company in the Sauk County area. We specialize in new construction speculative homes, general contracting custom homes, and residential redevelopment.

As builders in Sauk County there are some things we like our clients to know before starting a project.

Below are things we’d like people to know before starting a new build project:

· Keep in mind you will have to make sure the land you are wanting to use is zoned for the type of building you want.

· Once you know you have the correct zoning, you can find a builder and start designing your home. You will need to submit your building plans to your local building inspection site. Things that you will typically need to submit include: floor plans, foundation/basement plans, elevation views, cross section views, heat loss calculator for any new heated spaces and erosion control form and plan.

· Once you get approval for your building plans, you will need to pay the fees for plan review costs, building permits and any other fee that may apply to your project. You will then have your permits for the project.

· Once building begins, you will need to make sure you have the proper inspections lined up. This includes building, plumping, electric and HVAC inspections. Once the building is done, you will have a final inspection and receive a certificate of occupancy which is when your project will be considered complete.

The possibilities are endless to build your dream home and knowing the steps it takes can help ease the process. Make sure you are aware of all the necessary steps, do your research and work with reliable people to help you build your dream home!

Contact us today if you would like help in building your dream home.

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