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Building a Home

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Building a Home.  It can be a dream come true.  Making plans to design and build exactly what you’ve always wanted.  A special craft room, a bar and den in the basement, a home gym, the ultimate children’s play room.  Whatever your heart desires.  But building a home can also be a very stressful time.  Here’s a list of things you should think about before diving into the home building process.

Do Your Research. Research the area you are looking to build in.  Know the land, the neighborhood and any laws/regulations you will need to follow.  Know the builder/company/contractor you choose.  Research your options, check reviews and make sure whatever you choose is legitimate.  Research home designs- figure out the latest trends, what you like and don’t like.  Also, research different types of materials.  You don’t want to cheap out on your dream home, but you also don’t need to go crazy and blow past your budget.  Have a solid foundation of knowledge before you even begin getting floorplans and blueprints, that way you aren’t totally overwhelmed and unprepared.

Be Picky. When building a home, it’s likely going to be a place where you live for many years to come.  Do not be quick to make decisions.  Spend that extra day thinking about it.  Sleep on it.  Change your mind a few times.  It’s ok!  The choices in home building are endless and in the pressure of the moment people tend to make decisions that they later regret.

Budget, Budget, Budget. Need I say more?  Building a home is a big financial undertaking.  Make sure you aren’t setting yourself up for financial hardship from the get-go.  Plan a budget bigger than you think you’ll need.  And then add a little more.  It is extremely common for projects to go over-budget.  Now, we aren’t saying it’s impossible to stay within your budget, we are just saying be realistic about it!  Better to have a little extra in the end, than not enough at any point in time.  Make sure your budget is agreed upon by you and your spouse/significant other/etc.  And make sure your builder/contractor/home building team knows your budget.  Everyone needs to be on the same page.

Be Patient. Projects take time.  Decisions take time.  Things go different than expected.  Make sure you are willing to be patient with yourself and your building team.  If you want your dream home to turn out well-built and beautiful than you best be patient and let it happen as it needs to.  That may mean getting a few weeks behind.  That may mean a little extra stress because your new home won’t be move-in ready when you thought it would be.  Again, we aren’t saying every project goes over its original timeline, we’re just saying there are a lot of pieces that need to come together and it doesn’t always happen as quick as we’d like.

Building a Home.  It’s exciting and stressful all in one.  Make sure you know what you are getting yourself in to! Know what you want.  Be ready to make decisions.  Be ready to have to negotiate with your spouse/significant other on what exactly you want in your home.  It can be an enjoyable experience if you go in prepared!  So do your research, take your time, solidify your budget, find your patience and eventually live happily ever after in your dream home!

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