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  • Tim Kraemer

Building the Perfect Deck

Decks can be a fun accessory to add to a new or existing home though they are commonly the last project to be finished on a home. No matter when the project gets done, there are things you should consider before building your deck. Whether you are looking to build a new construction home or add a deck to your existing home, here are our tips for building the perfect deck!

To start, consider what the space is going to be used for. Will the deck be used mainly for lounging, grilling, entertaining, etc. Your main uses of the space can help determine what type of layout you’ll want.

There are many different design options to consider when building a deck. Details you should be thinking about include:

· Budget

· Room for furniture

· Built in seating

· Built in storage

· Built in planters

· Built in lighting

· A roof

· Type of building materials used, etc.

Truly the possibilities are endless when it comes to deck design. One add-on we like for a deck is built-in storage beneath the deck. By adding a drainage system, you can create a waterproof storage space beneath your deck. This is a great way to utilize the extra space.

Once you have your deck design and budget planned out, you’ll need to hire a contractor to get the job done. Or if you're having trouble figuring out what design you'd like, contact a contractor to get help! If you’re looking for someone to help you design or build your dream deck, contact us today!

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