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  • Tim Kraemer

Common Interior Painting Mistakes

Painting is often a task that homeowners take on themselves. It’s a common DIY project. But one thing that comes along with DIY projects are mistakes. Below you will find some of the most common mistakes people make during interior painting projects.

Mistake #1: Not cleaning the surfaces first. The first task in a painting project should be to wash the surface you are about to paint. This applies to walls, ceilings, etc. Even if the surface doesn’t look dirty, it probably is. The tiniest of dust particles can interfere with paint. For best results you’ll want a clean surface.

Mistake #2: Painting on wet surfaces. Another mistake is applying paint too soon after washing the surface. A wet surface is going to interfere with a paints coverage and overall quality. You’ll also want to take note of the humidity level when you plan to paint. Painting in humid conditions slows down the drying process. Painting on a wet surface can lead to peeling and blistering of the paint.

Mistake #3: Not using tape. Though tape application can be a slow and tedious project, it is worth the time and effort. Taping off window sills, door frames and any other edges you want left clean will be worth it once you start applying the paint. Tape will help keep your job from getting sloppy.

Mistake #4: Using the wrong application tool. Knowing what tool to use for your project is helpful. Rollers are often the best tool for the job, however there are many times when a paintbrush is the better choice. There are different types of paintbrushes for different surfaces. Make sure you pay attention to the tools you are using!

Mistake #5: Failing to keep touch up paint. It’s important to make sure you have some leftover paint for future touch up needs. Having some paint to for a quick touch up will ensure you get the same color and coverage. If you have to go buy a new can of paint, you risk not having an exact match.

These are five of the most common interior painting mistakes people make. If you are going to tackle an interior painting project on your own, make sure you take all the proper steps to get the job done right. This way you won’t have to re-do the paint job for a long time!

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