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  • Tim Kraemer

Conventional Ceiling versus Suspended Ceiling

For the month of February our Wednesday blogs will feature two different types of ceilings. We will compare the two and then we’ll let you choose which one you’d rather use!

A look at conventional ceilings:

Conventional ceilings are the most common type of ceiling found in homes. The standard height is 8 feet tall. The surface of a conventional ceiling is typically flat, although you can find some with texture added. The height of conventional ceilings can be changed; however, this adds in additional costs as non-standard construction materials will be needed. Conventional is the easiest to build and are very functional. Conventional ceilings can look plain, but through paint and finishes character can be added.

A conventional ceiling.

A look at suspended ceilings:

Suspended ceilings can also be referred to as drop ceilings. This is a flat ceiling built below an existing ceiling. They are typically used to hide wirings and mechanical fixtures. This style is going to lower the original height of the ceiling by at least six inches and is something to be considered when designing a room with suspended ceilings. Suspended ceilings are built with a metal grid in which panels are inserted into. The look of suspended ceilings is often considered “industrial” as you see this type of ceiling in many industrial buildings such as offices and stores. Suspended ceilings are commonly used in basements as well.

A suspended ceiling.

Which ceiling style would you choose?

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