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Cooler Weather Home Updates

As we get closer to the winter months we find ourselves in darker and colder days. It can be hard to get through the dreary winter months, but there are steps you can take at home to make this winter a little brighter.

Have you ever heard of the term hygge?! It’s a Danish concept meaning embracing being cozy and content. We’ve compiled some DIY ideas to help you bring in some hygge for this winter season.

To start, make sure your home is ready to keep the heat inside! Escaping heat can rack up your energy/heating costs by 2 times! Do a perimeter check of both the inside and outside walls of your home. Pay attention to the little details, like where plumbing or ducts go into a wall. Filling little gaps in areas like this can reduce energy loss by one third! To fill these gaps, use an insulating product like a foam sealant. Another key area of heat loss are windows and doors. Use a window or door kit and cover all the windows and doors you can. It may not be the cutest look, but it’ll surely help keep you from feeling cold winter drafts! If you aren’t sure what to use or how to do it, get help from an expert!

Once you’ve made sure the heat will stay in, it’s time to cozy up the place! Start with the floors. If you have tile, hardwood or any other surface besides carpeting, make sure you use rugs. Rugs help keep your feet warm and they provide a cozy atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Next, take a look at your furniture arrangements. Move furniture closer together, around the fireplace or centered around the coffee table. This will get you closer to the warmth of the fireplace and away from the cold walls and drafty windows. Plus, it makes a cozier environment for you and the family to enjoy while you sip hot cocoa and watch a movie!

Time to brighten things up! Consider adding a floor lamp in the corner of a dark room or candles on the fireplace for a little extra light! Switch out light bulbs for warmer light (warmer light typically comes from bulbs labeled below 3,000 Kelvins). Having bright, cooler toned lighting can make a room feel less cozy. Accessory lighting like a fireplace, candles or string lights help brighten the dark winter days and add an element of comfort to a room.

Finally, to pull together all the efforts get out those extra blankets! Have cozy throw blankets and pillows throughout the areas you will be spending most of your time. This way bundling up and getting cozy on the couch is easy!

May your fall and winter season be cozy and warm!

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