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Country Homes for Sale in Wisconsin

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

How would you define a country home? By the style? Location? Amount of land? Amount of distance to the local grocery store? A country home in Wisconsin is typically one which resides in a rural area. The home usually sits on land which allows for a larger yard and space between neighbors. Though, suburban and city living are ever popular, Wisconsin offers plenty of country living land.

If you are looking for a country home in Wisconsin, make sure you take the following into consideration:

· Type of land: What type of Wisconsin countryside are you looking for? Heavily wooded for hunting and privacy? Open fields for a hobby farm? A mix of open land and wooded land? Are you willing to deal with wild animals such as deer, wolves, and bear?

· Location: How far into the country are you willing to go? Do you want total privacy? Do want to be able to quickly run to a grocery store or gas station, or are you willing to drive further in order to get your own piece of land away from the hustle and bustle? Keep in mind that country roads are often plowed last during the wintertime-can you deal with unplowed roads on snowy days? Also, keep in mind that some country/rural areas don’t get cell phone reception or if they do it is often very spotty. Are you willing to give up that instant line of communication?

· Neighbors: Are you looking for a country home but still want to be social with neighbors? Or are you looking to see only land around you?

· Age of Home: Do you want the authentic old farm home? Or a new build on some fresh country land? Old farm/country homes often come with loads of charm…but also a lot of work.

These are a few big topics to consider when looking at country homes for sale in Wisconsin. Of course the list of wants/needs will differ if you are looking for a permanent country home or a cabin/vacation home.

Prices on country homes vary greatly. The big factors are age and size of home, amount of land, amount of garage/barns/sheds on the land and whether or not the land is on a body of water. Other things to consider are do you have the equipment you’ll need to upkeep a country lawn/yard? Do you have the necessary equipment for snow removal? If the house is not already equipped with cable and/or internet, what will the installation process consist of? Will it cost extra due to the location? Do you have children? How will they get to school?

Again, these are just some topics to get you thinking about whether or not country living is right for you and your family. Wisconsin has lots of country options available from the northwoods to the southern fields to lakeside lots. If country living is right for you, then go on and find that gem in the woods!

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