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  • Tim Kraemer

Decreasing Humidity in Your Home

Hot and sticky Wisconsin summer days are here. Are you finding yourself sweating even inside your home? Perhaps you are doing things at home that are contributing to humidity indoors. Read on to see if you need to change your habits around the house during the hot and humid summer months.

· If you have air conditioning, use it! Air conditioning not only cools down the air, it also takes the moisture out of the air.

· Replace your AC filter regularly. If the filter is clogged, it will slow down air flow-decreasing the efficiency of reducing humidity.

· Use a dehumidifier to help pull that extra moisture out of the air.

· If you have a built in humidifier make sure to turn it down for the summer months.

· Consider moving your houseplants outdoors. If you have a lot of indoor plants they may be contributing to the humidity level in your home as plants release moisture vapor. But be careful if you move the plants to a different environment!

· Use the kitchen exhaust fan when cooking indoors. Both stove-top and oven use produce moisture in the air. When possible, cook outdoors!

· Keep air moving. Use fans and keep the flow going.

· Avoid long, hot showers. Try to keep showers quick and to the point. Hot showers add a lot of humidity to the air.

A few simple steps and your air should be drier in no time!

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