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Disinfecting Your Home

Ever have an illness run through your household and in the end you are left feeling like your home is full of germs? Or do you just want to take extra precaution in keeping your home free of germs? Either way, read on to find our household disinfecting tips. We will breakdown the tips by room, but first there are a few points we would like to go over.

To start, to properly disinfect you need to make sure you are using a cleaning product that is meant for the job-mild cleaners won’t kill bacteria/viruses. Be sure you are reading the labels of your products and following the instructions. Often times disinfectants need to sit for a period of time to effectively kill bacteria/viruses.

It is also important to note that you should never mix cleaning products, it is unsafe and can harm you and your family.

Keep in mind what type of material you are using to clean surfaces-we recommend paper towel and washable cloths. Using sponges to disinfect is not recommended as sponges can harbor bacteria and just spread it around more.

Make sure you are taking the proper precautions such as wearing rubber gloves while cleaning.

Now let's go room to room.

In the Bedroom

-Wash clothing and bedding

-Wipe down hamper after putting laundry in the wash

-Clean surfaces-bedside tables, remotes, light switches, doorknobs

In the Bathroom

-Clean sink, toilet, shower and floor

-Make sure to wipe down light switches, door handles, cabinet handles and toilet handle

-Clean toothbrush holders. Replace toothbrush after illnesses. Consider storing toothbrushes separately versus using a multi-piece holder.

-If using a reusable hand towel, be sure to change and wash the hand towel on a regular basis. It is recommended daily when someone is ill. Have the ill person use a separate hand towel.

In the Kitchen

-Clean countertops, stovetop, sink

-Clean light switches, refrigerator handle, stove/oven knobs, microwave buttons and handle, cabinet knobs, etc.

-Throw out sponges and consider using reusable and washable cloths

-Use high heat dishwasher setting to disinfect dishes or is handwashing consider using a bleach rinse to truly disinfect dishes

In Living Areas

-Clean light switches, remotes, tables, etc.

-If someone is ill, place blankets or sheets over the furniture for easy washing

-Remove throw pillows when someone is ill

-Regularly wash throw blankets whether there has been an illness or not

Some simple steps and a little elbow grease can leave your home disinfected and ready to keep your family healthy. We hope this blog finds you all safe and well.

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