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  • Tim Kraemer

End of Summer Outdoor Upkeep

As the summer starts to wind down it is a great time to get some upkeep tasks done around your home. These tasks will help get your home and yard ready for the cooler fall months as well as the winter months ahead.

Starting in your yard, now is a good time to clean and protect your deck, patio and porch areas. Check these areas for any chipped paint, holes or cracks. Now is a great time to use wood putty or stone filler to repair surfaces that were damaged over the summer. It is also a good time to repaint or stain surfaces while the air is cooler and drier.

Along with the above outdoor spaces go ahead and check your driveway and walkways. Check these spaces for cracks and fill as needed. Filling these cracks now will prevent winter weather from eroding the surface any further. Taking care of these spaces now will help protect them from the cold and snow ahead.

Next up, get the gutters cleaned. If you are not comfortable cleaning the gutters yourself, hire a professional to do so. It is important to get your gutters cleaned before the snow begins to fall.

Lastly, check the exterior surfaces of your home. Checking these surfaces will ensure you have the best insulation for the colder months ahead. Check for areas that may need new weather stripping or caulking. Check for any gaps in window and door seals. Make sure nothing will be letting in the cold air or letting out the warm air!

A few tasks outdoors around your home now can save you a lot of hassle this fall and winter! Plan ahead and get your home prepared now. And when in doubt, hire a professional’s help.

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