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Garage Gear

The definition of a garage is: a building or shed for housing a motor vehicle or vehicles. But as you well know a garage can be so much more. It can be a place of work, a place of enjoyment or a place of complete chaos. Does your garage make you feel organized or does it make you want to scream every time you have to search for something? We’ve picked three types of garage gear that will help you turn your garage into an organized, usable space.

If you use your garage as a storage place for more than just vehicles, there are plenty of ways for you to do things. Keep in mind that storage can be on walls, shelves, ceilings, etc. There are many different types of storage systems you can buy and install.

Let’s start with ceiling mounted storage. Ceiling storage helps you get items up off the floor and out of the way. A pro for ceiling storage: great for seasonal items or extra items you only occasionally use. Con of ceiling storage: getting the items down from storage takes a little extra effort.

Another great item to consider adding to your garage is an enclosed clothing storage system. You want to make sure it is a durable system, such as a fully enclosed plastic material or something of that nature. This way you can store extra clothing in the garage without worrying about smells, moisture or critters ruining them. Pro of garage clothing storage: getting seasonal items out of the house closets. Con: taking up garage space for clothing.

Lastly, let’s talk tools. By tools we mean any type of tool…gardening, building, painting, etc. Whatever type of tools your garage stores, there’s bound to be a way to keep it organized. For tools we suggest a wall mounted system. Wall mounted systems come in a vast variety of types. But the main idea here is that you can hang items, shelves to set things on, etc. Pro: organization and storage. Con: can be expensive and difficult to install.

Whether you use your garage for the bare minimum or you have it plump full of items, you are bound to benefit from keeping things organized.

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