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  • Tim Kraemer

Holiday Home Hazards

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Holiday cheer, family and friends near, laughter fills the air.  A time of joy, coziness and craziness all in one.  A time of giving.  A time of lights, stockings and trees.  That’s right, it’s the holiday season and we’re here to remind you that like anything else in life, the holidays pose a threat to the safety of your home and family.  We don’t mean to be Scrooge’s; we just want to give you a gentle reminder to take care this holiday season.

Let’s begin with fire hazards.  Cookie scented candles, frayed strings of lights, tossing wrapping paper into the fireplace… all these things can lead to flames.  When you light candles in your home be sure they are away from everything that can catch flame: curtains, paper, etc.  Put the candle in the middle of an open table.  Make sure if there are small children or pets around that the candle is out of reach.  And don’t forget to blow out the candle before you leave the house or go to bed.  Set an alarm to remind yourself if you think you are going to forget.  If using strings of light or any sort of decoration that plugs in be sure to inspect the wire before use.  Make sure it is all in one piece.  And be sure that you do not overload outlets or extension cords.  It is important to make sure you are using the right product- outdoor lights for outdoors and indoor lights for indoors.  If you use a real wood burning fireplace, take caution when tossing in garbage such as boxes and paper, these things can lead to fire in places other than the fireplace.  If you have to use portable space heaters, do not leave them unattended.  And lastly, stay safe in the kitchen.  What the stove and oven when cooking and baking.  Take caution if using a deep fryer.  Read the instructions and have a good understanding of what you’re doing!

Next let’s address slip and falls.  The holidays tend to mean houses filled with extra people, pets and presents.  Floor space becomes invaded with children, toys, etc.  Take caution in moving around your house and try to keep it picked up so guests don’t trip and fall.  Put some trash bags in the living room and pick up wrapping paper and boxes as you go.  Have a place for guests to put their shoes whether it be a bin, closet or corner of the entry way.  Also, don’t forget to clear your walkway into your home.  Keep your sidewalk/entrance shoveled and de-iced.  If you use a ladder to do any decorating take caution.  Falls from ladder and roofs are most common during the holiday season.

Lastly, let’s talk injuries.  Use caution when opening boxes, packages, etc.  Make sure if you are using a sharp knife or scissors that you cut away from yourself and make sure no one is close by in case you slip.  Take caution when preparing/cutting foods.  And if you choose to consume alcohol, make sure you are not too far under the influence when handling sharp objects.  And please do not drink and drive.

We’ve hit a few main points on holiday hazards.  Keep fires, falls, and injuries in mind while participating in the joyous season.

From our home to yours, may you have a safe and happy holiday season.

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