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Home Selling Tips

So you’re looking to sell your home but aren’t sure what you should be doing? Look no further! We’ve compiled our top home selling tips to help you get your home market ready and sold quickly.

There are two main components to selling your home: the condition of your home and the seller you choose.

Before listing your home you’ll want to take a look at both the exterior and interior of your home in the perspective of a buyer. Look at little details and notice what needs cleaning, fixing or refreshing!

Below are some of the most commonly missed items for sellers:

· Curb Appeal-We’re sure you’ve heard time and time again that curb appeal matters and that is still the case! First impressions are important! A fresh coat of paint on the front door, a freshly cut lawn and some fresh flowers can be all it takes to boost your homes curb appeal.

· Clutter-No one wants to tour a cluttered home. Do your best to eliminate any “extras” throughout your home. Try to give your home the feel of a hotel room, minimal furniture and decoration!

· Lighting-It’s hard to envision living in a dark dungeon! Add lighting where needed throughout dark areas of your home. Pull open curtains and let the natural light give appeal to potential buyers.

· Cleanliness-Make sure your home is deep cleaned before you put it on the market. Think windows outside and in. Think carpet, flooring, light fixtures, bathtubs, etc. If you are unable to give your home a deep clean, consider hiring a professional to do it for you.

· Personalization-Eliminate the family photos, religious pieces and children’s artwork. Make your home as neutral as possible. Consider removing items such as animal mounts as well. The less of your personal life that shows, the more likely a potential buyer will be able to envision their life in your home.

Once your home is clean and orderly, you’ll want to make sure the seller you choose is a good fit for you. A good fit in a seller is someone who you feel comfortable working with and you’ll want to make sure they use good marketing skills to get your listing sold quickly.

Two of the most important points in today’s real estate market include:

· Photographs-good, quality photos of your home will make a big difference. In fact, 51% of today’s buyers find their homes online.

· Internet Postings-seeing that 51% of buyers find their homes online, you’ll want to make sure your home gets posted by your agent. Real estate sites get many views, in fact, Zillow gets an estimated 500 million views per month!

Selling your home can be overwhelming. But with a little work, you can get your home market ready and sold in no time.

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