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Homes Madison WI

Homes Madison WI

Madison WI offers many different styles of living. From inner city style to suburban life to outer city farm living- you’re sure to find someplace in the area to call home. Whether you are looking to rent or buy, expand or down-size there’s currently a little bit of everything on the market. Let’s take a look at the current Madison area real estate market.

Currently in the Madison area, there are over 400 single family homes for sale. Prices range drastically from approximately $98,000 all the way up to $6.5 million. The average specs are coming in at 3-4 bedroom homes with prices in the $400,000 area.

There are currently only about 5 townhomes for sale in the Madison area. However, there are over 30 townhomes available for rent. Rent prices range from $900 up to $3,500. Sizes vary, but most available units have 2-3 bedrooms and 1-2 bathrooms.

Moving on to condominiums. Available right now are about 150 condos for sale and 20 for rent. Prices on condos for sale range drastically going from $75,000 all the way to $1.5 million. Size and price vary drastically as well depending on location, amenities, etc. Rent prices range from $800-$8,000. The average rental price sits at $1,200 for a 2-3 bedroom unit.

Next up, apartments. There are around 400 apartments available for rent and about 20 for sale. Rent prices range $450-$4,000. Size and price vary with location, amenities, etc. Most apartments listed for sale include the entire apartment complex, not a single unit. Prices vary drastically again here.

Whether you are looking for your first home, a fixer upper, a move-in ready or just a different location you are sure to find a home in the Madison WI area. Due to high demand, the current market is over-priced and competitive. Make use of a real estate professional to help you find your dream home sooner.

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