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Household Hacks

Tidying Tricks

Because sometimes you feel like you’re drowning in clutter.

Whether you are new to living on your own or a seasoned homeowner, these tidying ideas we’ve compiled may be just the idea you’ve been looking for!

Entry Way

The entry way into your home is the first glance you and guests see. Make this space an inviting area that doesn’t make you crazy every time you come home. Whether you use the main entrance of your home or an entrance from the side or garage, keep the entryway maintained.

Designate a shelf or hook for your work bag, keys, purse, etc. Everything that needs to come into the house, but doesn’t need to go far. This way you always know where these items are.

Put away your jackets and shoes. Depending on the space there are dozens of ways this can be accomplished-cubbies, baskets, bins, closets, coat racks, hooks, bench, etc. Keep the clutter to a minimum. Maybe you just pile all your shoes into a basket, hey at least you know that’s where your shoes are. Or maybe you line up each pair in the closet. Whatever your style, make it work for you and your household.

Designate a mail/important papers area. Now this doesn’t have to be in the entry way, but really anywhere that makes sense for you. But establish a place to put mail and papers so that you don’t have to go on a sorting hunt every time you need to pay a bill. This will keep clutter down and sanity in check.

Living Room

To make your living room a place of ultimate comfort, we suggest finding ways to keep it tidy. All those throw blankets you and the kids use…yeah they end up on the floor instead of draped nicely over the couch like you intended. Try using a blanket bin or basket. This way there is a place where everyone knows that blankets should belong. Even if they just get tossed in and you skip the folding, it will cut down on the feelings of clutter. You can use the basket/bin method for other items such as toys (whether for pets, kids or the ever playful adult) and any other items you may use consistently in the living area.


Buy a spice rack or bin. Just do it. Whether it’s a cupboard shelf, counter rack or wall hanging rack, get those spices organized.

Pantry’s seems to explode into clutter in seconds. Our favorite method is the unboxing method. Buy yourself some bins and make it a habit of unboxing items such as granola bars and snacks. This way it’s easy to see what you have and there’s no chance of empty boxes being left around.

Laundry Room

The laundry room is tricky because there is a constant flow of clothes going in and out. We’ll just remind you that doing laundry is a good time to listen to some music or catch up on your favorite show. Enjoy the mundane life tasks that never stop!

These are just a few quick tidying tricks that can help you feel a little less cluttered at home. Now go organize that entry way!

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