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  • Tim Kraemer

Interior Design: Modern versus Minimalist

Last month we compared different styles of home architecture and this month we are headed inside to compare different styles of interior design!

A look at Modern Design.

Modern design is focused on creating a simple, inviting and useful interior. Modern can be taken into subcategories such as mid-century modern, country modern and urban modern.

To create a modern design, generally the following elements should be included:

· Vibe: causal, lounge ready

· Materials: wood, brick, metal, glass, steel

· Colors: greens, oranges, earthy tones

· Fabrics: abstract and geometric designs

· Furniture: low streamlines seating, rounded or squared off edges, plain surfaces and hairpin legs

· Accessories: used to add a pop of color or element of style yet kept to a minimum throughout rooms

Modern design in a living room.

A look at Minimalist Design.

Minimalist design is focused on creating an ultra-simple, ultra-clean and practical interior. It takes modern design a step simpler. Minimalist can be thought of as “cold and uninviting” but with the right materials and design can be a simple, warm and inviting space.

To create a minimalist design, generally the following elements should be included:

· Vibe: simple and practical

· Materials: highlight architectural details such as wood, brick, glass or metal

· Colors: neutral and airy

· Fabrics: print less, neutral, textured

· Furniture: clean-cut and simple yet sturdy

· Accessories: kept to a minimum. Often dual use such as a stylish storage piece.

Minimalist design in a bedroom.

Both modern and minimalist interior designs focus on keeping things simple yet comfortable and practical. Would you choose either of these designs for your home?

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