• Tim Kraemer

Interior Design: Rustic versus Farmhouse

Last month we compared different styles of home architecture and this month we are headed inside to compare different styles of interior design!

A look at Rustic Design.

Rustic design is focused on creating a natural, outdoorsy feel.

To create a rustic design, generally the following elements should be included:

· Vibe: organic

· Materials: raw and unfinished wood and stone

· Colors: neutrals, deep jewel colors such as pink, purple, green and blue

· Fabrics: leather, faux furs, chunky knits

· Furniture: rounded and curved pieces, mismatched eclectic mix of furniture

· Accessories: practical and functional such as blankets, lamps and pillows

An example of rustic design.

A look at Farmhouse Design.

Farmhouse design is focused on creating a relaxed, warm feel. This design also creates a lot of character in rooms.

To create a farmhouse design, generally the following elements should be included:

· Vibe: comfortable and soothing

· Materials: industrial metals, wood and tile

· Colors: neutrals

· Fabrics: natural design and patterns

· Furniture: simple pieces

· Accessories: this is where farmhouse really stands out with unique fixtures such as lighting, doors, windows, etc.

An example of farmhouse design.

Both rustic and farmhouse interior designs focus on a creating a comfortable, natural character. Often times you can see rustic and farmhouse combined. Would you choose either of these designs for your home? Or would you combine the two?

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