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  • Tim Kraemer

Is Your Yard Ready for Winter?

Though it seems Fall has just begun, before we know it the snow will fall and the days of winter will be here. Though most of us do not really want to think about winter yet, now is the time to start preparing your yard for the cold winter months. Below are some items we recommend you include on your winter preparations list for your yard.

· Take care of the leaves. Leaves left on the ground for the remainder of fall and into the winter not only make a mess, but they keep the grass from getting sunlight. And once the spring thaw comes you are left with a mess.

· Clean out any gardens, flower pots etc.

· Take a look at the trees in your yard. Are there any branches hanging low to the house/garage/shed? With the added weight of snow and ice will these branches be an issue?

· Check your gutters. Did the falling leaves fill up the gutters? Enlist the help of a professional for gutter cleaning if you feel you cannot do it safely by yourself.

· Put away any furniture/yard items that you do not want sitting out the in the snow. Easier done now than waiting until the first snow fall!

· Walk around the perimeter of your home. Check for any damage that may have happened over the summer. Check the seals around windows and doors. Make sure there are no cracks/holes where critters can enter your home or heat can escape from inside.

· Find your snow removal items. Whether you shovel, plow or snow blow. Whether you use sand or salt, make sure you have your items in an accessible place and the items are in condition for use.

A days worth or possibly a few and you’ll have your yard ready for the first snowfall (hopefully that isn’t anytime soon!). Happy preparing real estate friends!

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