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Keeping Your House Protected: Weather Edition

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

Fall is here and winter is near.  What steps do you take to prepare your home from the changing weather?  Oh you’ve never really thought about it?! That’s ok!  We’ve compiled a list of things to think about before the snow begins to fall.  Take action now to keep your house protected from the changing seasons and weather!

Let’s break things down.

To start, head outside and consider:

Exterior- Take a general look at the exterior of your home. Did you experience any severe storms over the summer?  Did you have any house damage?  Did you check for any damage?  Also, think back to last winter.  Did you have major icicle build up on your home?  Icicles are often a sign of poor insulation/heat escaping. Look up at the roof and scan your way down looking at the windows, doors, and siding.  Do this scan and look for any cracks, any areas of wear and tear, etc.  You don’t want to go into winter with any major leaks or places where your heat can easily escape!

Gutters- When is the last time your gutters were cleaned? Has the rain been draining properly from your home? It is important that your gutters stay clean, especially after the leaves have fallen.  Take a peek or get a professional to get the job done.

Leaves- Rake, blow, mow. You choose.  But don’t neglect those fallen leaves.  Getting rid of yard waste before the snow falls will eventually lead to an easier spring.  Though the thought of spring is likely far from your mind just take a second to think of how nice it will be to see snow melting and new fresh grass growing instead of old, brown, soggy and stinky leaves!

Now let’s head inside:

Ceiling Fans- Did you know some ceiling fans have the option to switch direction?! Check your fans and see if you have that ability. Turning fans to spin in a clockwise direction helps push the heat down into the room. And while you’re up there might as well dust those fan blades off!

Heating system- Whatever type of heating system you use, make sure it has been well maintained. When is the last time you had it tuned up?  Are your air vents clean?  We keep our heat blowing and our houses sealed up for many months, you don’t want to be breathing dirty air that whole time, do you?  Call a professional and make sure your heating system is in tip-top shape.

Windows- Is your house older? Are your windows sealed well?  If you have windows that feel drafty we recommend sealing them off for winter.  The plastic window sealing kits are affordable and easy to apply.  Just don’t wait too long, if you try to put the plastic on while the window is already very cold the plastic won’t adhere as well.

Bedding- Do you change out your bedding for the winter months? We sure do! Pile on the blankets! Get out your winter bedding and get it washed up.  That way when the temps decide to drop, you’ve got yourself covered!

Lighting- Along with winter comes shorter days. Make sure your lighting is up to date.  Do you have bulbs out that you’ve been meaning to change?  Maybe you don’t even realize you have some lights burnt out right now!  Check all your rooms.  Get your house ready to stay bright during the dark winter days.

These are just a few ideas to help you get your home ready for the upcoming months.  Depending on your home and where you live there could be more or less to put on your list!

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