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Kitchen Spring Cleaning

Although this year’s Wisconsin winter seems to be unending, spring cleaning time is here. A time to organize, deep clean and freshen up our homes which have been shut tight for many months. Spring cleaning can be overwhelming. The questions of where to start and how to start can be enough to deter you from beginning.

One of our favorite rooms to start spring cleaning with is the kitchen. Why the kitchen? Because it’s generally a room that isn’t packed full of clutter and cleaning can be straightforward and satisfying! Below you will find an example of how to go about deep cleaning a kitchen from start to finish!

First things first. When you are ready to deep clean the kitchen make sure there are no dirty dishes in the sink or dishwasher. Get dishes washed, dried and put away. You’ll also want to make sure you have all the cleaning equipment you will need. Next up, take a look around the room and put away any items that don’t belong in the kitchen. Now you’ve got an empty sink and less clutter to deal with and you’re ready to dive in.

· Cleaning the Cupboards and Pantry-Starting with the cupboards and pantry will allow you to dig things out and not have to worry about messing up a clean counter or floor. Start at the top and work your way down. We like to go shelf by shelf. Taking the items out, wiping down the inside and outside of the cupboard and replacing items that you want to keep. This way the entire cupboard gets cleaned and you find items that no longer serve a purpose for you. Do the same in the pantry. Remove items, wipe things down and return or set aside to donate or throw away. Check the dates of food items you may have forgotten about and toss out any expired items.

· Cleaning the Windows and Walls-Once the cupboards and pantry are cleaned and organized move on to the windows and walls. Take down and wash any window coverings. Clean the glass on the windows as well as vacuum out the cracks and dust the screen. Yes, washing walls is truly a thing. And we recommend it, especially in the kitchen. Remove any hangings from the walls and wipe them clean and set them aside for now. Wipe down the walls. Now is a good time to dust and wash any light fixtures/ceiling fans in the kitchen as well.

· Cleaning the Appliances-After the walls we like to tackle the appliances. Did you know dishwashers, coffee makers and ovens can all be cleaned?! Find your appliance manual or look up your model online to figure out the exact recommended protocol for your specific appliances. Clean the outside and insides of appliances as well as behind and beneath them.

· Cleaning the Countertops and Floor-Now that everything else in the kitchen is clean we end with countertops and floors. Scrub your counters with the recommended cleaner for your type of counter, this includes scrubbing backsplash well. Once the counters are clean, end with the floor. If you have floor rugs, get them up off the floor and washed. While the rugs are out, thoroughly sweep and mop the floor as well as dust the floor boards and wipe them down.

This is a great general overview of a spring cleaning in a kitchen. Keep in mind now is a great time to replace any burnt out lightbulbs and check smoke detector function as well.

Happy Spring Cleaning! And may spring show up in Wisconsin SOON!

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