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  • Tim Kraemer

Kitchen Trends

In today’s homes kitchens are often a highlight and centerpiece. It’s a place to gather, feast and celebrate. Though an expensive room to build or renovate, kitchens are often a place home-owners are willing to pay for what they really want. There are a few trends that continue to be popular in kitchen design, below a few are highlighted. We’ll leave it up to you to decide if you’re into the latest kitchen trends or not!

Trend #1: Dark counter tops. Black, dark green and rust toned. Made of a slate tile material.

Trend #2: Wood counter tops. Typically made with oak, cherry, maple, walnut or teak.

Trend #3: Pot filler faucet. This faucet sits above the stove and hinges from the wall making filling pots easy right on the stove.

Trend #4: Colored cabinets. Blue, green or violet colored cabinets are popular.

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