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Lake Homes in Wisconsin

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Lake homes in Wisconsin.  An everyday home, a vacation escape, a hunting cabin.  The possibilities are endless.  And with over 15,000 lakes in the state there’s sure to be a place that suits everyone.  With the seasons of Wisconsin, lake homes can offer a plethora of activities.  From fishing, tubing and pontoon cruising to snowmobiling, ice fishing and ice skating.

Are you aware of the lakes in your area?  Today we’ll look at some of the lakes in Sauk and Dane Counties and what they have to offer.

Sauk County*:

Lake Blass- 34 acres, features a public boat landing.  No properties for sale.

Deacon Thomas Lake- 11 acres, the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway is within 1,000 feet. No properties for sale.

Lake Delton-249 acres, features a public boat landing. Currently 12 properties for sale, 6 lots for sale and 1 rental property.

Dutch Hollow Lake- 136 acres.  Two public boat landings.  The water on this lake is very clear.  Currently 8 properties for sale and 4 lots for sale.

Lake Wisconsin- 7, 197 acres.  Features 15 public boat landings.  Summer Oaks County Park is within 1,000 feet.  Currently 250 properties for sale and 118 lots for sale.

*All of this information is subject to change

Dane County*:

Lake Kegonsa- 3,200 acres, features three public boat landings, a public beach and is within 1,000 feet of Fish Camp Park, Lake Kegonsa State Park, La Follette County Park and Lake Kegonsa Rough Fish Station.  Currently 6 properties for sale and 2 lots for sale.

Crystal Lake- 525 acres.  Features 1 public boat landing.  Currently 55 properties for sale and 16 lots for sale.

Lake Mendota- 9,781 acres.  Features 10 public boat landings, 7 public beaches.  Is within 1,000 feet of Warner Park, Castle Marsh Fishery Area, Gidding Park, Mendota County Park, Spring Harbor Park, Marshall Park, Lake Mendota Public Access, Burrows Park, Governor Nelson State Park, James Madison Park, and Tenney Park.  Currently 11 properties for sale and 1 lot for sale.

*All of this information is subject to change

Lake homes in Wisconsin.  As you can see there are many possibilities.  Lake size, lake features and properties available are all information you should seek when looking for a lake home.  If you’d like more information about what to consider when choosing a lakeside property, check out our blog:

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