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Madison Wisconsin Condos

Madison Wisconsin Condos

Condominiums are multiunit buildings in which each unit is owned individually. This means instead of renting, you buy and own but still have neighbors directly around you. Condominiums are becoming a popular choice for home-buyers in the Madison area. This is due to the variety of locations, sizes, prices and amenities available in Madison and surrounding areas.

The Madison area market currently has a variety of condos for sale. Ranging from $65,000-$1,500,000 there’s a condo on the market for most budgets and styles. From simple living in a 850 square foot unit to luxury living in 3,200 square feet, you are sure to find something that suits your needs.

Are you considering a condo? Keep in mind that most condominium communities have an association. This association is what upholds the rules, maintenance and mediates disputes in the community. To keep these associations running, each unit pays a monthly association fee. Depending on the style of community, amenities included and size of unit will determine how much the monthly association fee will cost. Also, keep in mind that many condominium communities have rules/regulations regarding pets-size, breed, behavior, etc.

Condominium associations typically provide lawn care, snow removal, unit maintenance and repairs. They can also include amenities like a gym, swimming pool or common areas like a party room or game room.

If you are looking at a condominium which doesn’t have an association, you should keep in mind that typically you technically don’t own the land, but just the condo unit. Typically, the land is on a long-term leasehold with the builder/seller of the unit.

The Madison Wisconsin Condos market is becoming more and more popular due to variety in location, size and style. Will you become part of the condo community?

Disclaimer: This information about condominiums is intended to inform only. It is not intended to offer expert legal advice vis-a-vis ownership issues. Please consult a qualified attorney about any ownership, maintenance or property related issues in this area.

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