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  • Tim Kraemer

Make the Most of Your Home-Part 1

Most of us have been spending more time than usual in our homes over the past month. The more time we have at home, the more time we have to notice things we should fix, clean, rearrange, or things we simply do not like about our homes. This extra time at home combined with extra stress of the world right now can leave us feeling cooped up and frustrated with our homes. Our goal is to help you establish a better mindset about your home and help you to enjoy the space you are currently living in.

Take a moment to think about home. What exactly does ‘home’ mean to you? Is it defined by square footage, amenities and appearance? We challenge you to shift your thinking about your home. Though appearance and convenience may be what you imagine or desire in your home, what if you shifted your thinking about the definition of home? The true purpose of a home is to have a place where we can feel loved and safe with family and friends. All the extras that come in home-all the extra bells and whistles cannot create peace within you and the relationships that exist there.

Now this does not mean that there’s something wrong with dreaming about your ‘ideal’ home, but if it keeps you from being happy where you are right now it’s time to do some mindset shifting.

Take a moment to think about your current home. Find and focus on the good things. What characteristics do you like about your home? If you moved, what would you miss about your current space? Do you love the amount of cabinet space in the kitchen? Or the beautiful landscaping out front? Or the attached garage? There has to be at least a few good things if you really think about it. Focusing on the positives can help you feel better about your home.

Learn to work with what you’ve got. Now it may seem if you’re renting, especially a small space, that you may not be able to change or fix much. But you can change your attitude about your space. Look at your home as a space to live rather than a space in which should make you happy.

Taking the time to think about your home in a different way can refresh your perspective on your home and cause you to focus on the good. Learn to appreciate what you have where you live right now and you’ll find yourself feeling more at peace within your home.

Tune in next week for Part 2!

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