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  • Tim Kraemer

MDF or Pine Trim: What Should You Choose?

In homes, MDF is becoming a more popular material for cabinets, shelves, furniture and baseboards. MDF or medium density fiberboard is a material made of pulped wood re-formed into a hard building product. MDF is now a common choice for trim along with pine (solid wood) trim. So how do you know which trim to choose?

The Pros and Cons of MDF and Pine Trim

So how to decide between MDF and Pine Trim

· If you are going for the natural wood look you’ll want to pick the pine or another type of solid wood trim which can be stained to show off the wood.

· If you are installing a lot of trim and cost is an issue, MDF would give you the cost advantage.

· If you are installing in an area where you are concerned about water, you’ll want to choose primed pine.

· If you are looking for a solid trim throughout your home, we recommend using a mix of MDF and Pine trim. Using pine trim in the bathroom gives you the waterproof material, while using MDF throughout the rest of the home will cut down on costs.

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