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  • Tim Kraemer

Mid-Winter Home Check-Up

As residents of Wisconsin this is the time of year where we start to go stir crazy, we feel like we haven’t seen the sun in years and we just don’t know how we’ll live through one more day of below zero temps. But have no fear as somehow we push forward and before we know it spring will arise in the frozen tundra we call home. But before we let the rest of winter slip on by, there are a few check-ups we should be doing around our homes to make sure we go into spring with the house in tip-top shape.

Start with the outside of your home. Check the gutters for icicles and ice dams. Buildup of snow and ice can lead to unwanted water during the spring thaw. You can get rid of icicles and ice damns with a roof rake and some salt. However, this must be done with extra caution. When in doubt, hire a professional.

Next up check the perimeter of your home for any signs of critters. Cold winter months often lead little critters to search for warmth inside your home. Look for paw prints in the snow, droppings in the snow or any little holes where they could have entered.

Once you’ve cleared the ice and checked for critters it’s time to move indoors. Go through each room of your home and make sure that the air vents are open, free from obstruction and clean. Also check the furnace filter and make sure it’s still clean. A dirty filter can cause increased heating bills among other problems.

Lastly, check out all the windows in the house and make sure there hasn’t been any condensation build up or mold growth over the cold months. Clean up any condensation or mold with care.

Taking a few minutes to give your home a mid-winter check-up could save you time and money come spring. So bundle up, go out and get it done!

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